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Journey TLV

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Journey TLV

Whether you are a local, or are just visiting, Journey TLV is the best way find the greatest things in Tel Aviv. Locate all of the places to visit. Find the best restaurants, (many entries include menus.) Discover great places to shop. Learn about the best bars and clubs, and get discounts in many of them. Journey TLV has over 800 restaurants, with over 1,200+ locations all together.

Our News section is being constantly updated about the latest events in Gay Pride Month in Tel Aviv

Want to find out about the movies playing in Cinemateque? They are all listed in our App. Need to find the best place to get your computer fixed? You can find that in the Journey TLV app as well.

Trying to figure out which are the best museums and when are they open? Journey TLV will give you that. Want to find the nearest Hummus place? Just search for it in Journey Tel Aviv! (and most of the hummus places give you a discount if you unlock the coupons for .99 cents a month.) Actually, for just .99 cents you have access to all of the Journey TLV coupons for an entire month.

Whatever you are looking for you can find it in Journey TLV. Need to contact your airline? Find it in Journey TLV. Want to know when a restaurant closes? The answer is listed in Journey TLV. Want to see what's on a restaurant's menu? Put the answer in the palm of your hand with Journey TLV. Want to find all of the kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv? The results are just one click away with the Journey app.

The Apple Watch app allows you to view the detail screen of whatever place you are going to directly on your watch. For example, if you are heading to a restaurant you can view the address and hours right on your wrist (AND, where the restaurant's menu is included in the app, you can check out the menu on your watch as well.)
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