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Journal Mapper

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Journal Mapper

A spatial journal to store, organise and review information related to points of interest in the real world.

Journal Mapper offers a fresh perspective on a personal journal, with a focus on locations as opposed to dates. Use the map as your canvas to create delightful annotations to store memories, future plans, reference material and everything in between.

- Create categories to organise locations and customise their visual appearance to give them a unique personality
- Add notes and images to each annotation and organise them as a traditional journal
- Filter categories to control what is visible on the map in order to make comparisons and draw conclusions to solve a specific problems
- Automatically sync data across all your devices
- Consistent UI across all your devices

Locations service is only used to display your current location and provide search results that are relevant. This are no ad services or third party analytics.

Create up to 10 annotations and 3 categories with an option to unlock unlimited annotations and categories via a one-time In-App Purchase.

Download Journal Mapper to start creating your very own spatial journal!
Ranveer Mamidpelliwar