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John Muir Trail

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John Muir Trail

The app contains all offline John Muir Trail markers and information. A must have for hiking the JMT in 2019.

Includes an Apple Watch app to provide the hiker with GPS and altitude information. Never get lost again on the JMT.

This app provides information to hikers that other hikers have reported, JMT markers, water spots, shops, check points, other hikers on the trail, transportation, snow issues as well as trail magic caches.

The app includes scrollable elevation chart with every important location and elevation with mile markers.

All information is contributed by hikers with this app, so please, report all the information is tag by location and time.

This hiker companions is a must have if your are hiking the John Muir Trail to help you pre-plan as well as every days use while in the JMT.
Albert Pascual