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Joggo is a running training app that helps people reach their running goals. Whether you want to:

- Cross a specific distance or pace target
- Manage your weight
- Relax your mind

The Joggo app is built on 3 main pillars: Personalized Training, Education, and Motivation. Each pillar represents a set of features in our app that helps people achieve even the most ambitious goals.

Personalized training plans from beginners to pros:
Every user is asked to fill a quiz used to determine the underlying motivation for starting to run, the risk factors one might have, and personal goals. We then ask the user to have the first free run, which we track to determine actual fitness level and running capabilities, set the starting mark, and create a personalized training plan.

Bi-weekly running plan adjustments based on progress and feedback
Even if the starting point is the same, two people will have very different progress in just two weeks. We acknowledge the differences and create a running program based on 2 weeks’ running streaks. Afterward, we re-evaluate your progress and feedback on your well-being. If you believe you can accomplish more, we then increase the intensity for the following 2 weeks’ running streaks. It is important to monitor your progress but not overdo it.

Timely educational bits – right knowledge at the right time
Too much information could be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. The right information at the right time could be a factor that determines if you continue running or burn yourself out and quit altogether. Our focus is to give timely bits of information right when you need it the most. As you progress, our content will progress with you to cover more advanced topics and get gradually grounded into the intricacies of running, sports, health, and nutrition.

Get rewarded for the effort and level up
We want to let you know that you are doing a great job. Despite the speed, distance, body shape, or gear – you are on the right track if you are running. Every run is rewarded with points that allow you to compare your effort with someone else and see how well you are doing.

With an additional purchase:
Consultation Bundle: Get personal consultations with our elite running coaches and top nutritionists. Whether you need a coach to run better or a nutritionist to guide you toward a healthier life, our experts will be right here to support and help you keep going.

Workout Plan: Get a full-body workout guide with video tutorials and detailed instructions for your lower, upper body, and core. Created by our top sports specialists, this exercise plan is a “roadmap” that identifies the steps you need to take to reach your desired destination.

Joggo works with Apple Health to sync workouts data.

DISCLAIMER: Please seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions.

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