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Jewelion Wallpapers

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Jewelion Wallpapers

In the Land of Fairosel, certain gemstones had the innate ability to harness, amplify, and project the power of pure light from the Heavens above or darkness from the Abyss below. Lords of the land forged talismans of various creations to wield in battle and even in times of peace.

Adepts trained in the sacred knowledge of fashioning and forging these talismans were known as Archons. They became bastions and strongholds for both light and darkness. To muster their strength for dominion over Fairosel, they sought after initiates to train and aid them in the sacred ways used to wage war and espionage.

Surround yourself with elegant artwork that tells a wonderful allegory that takes place in the Land of Fairosel. Grace your Apple watch with a Jewelion Gemstone and display your iPhone App icons upon beautiful scenes from the game, Jewelion: Power of the Gemstones!

Jewelion Wallpaper Features:
โ— 3D Animated Gemstone for your Apple Watch
โ— 6 Faces for your Apple Watch with high fantasy themes
โ— 6 Wallpapers for your iPhone depicting key strongholds of Fairosel
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