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Jewel Crush Story

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Jewel Crush Story

Jewel Crush Story by BlueSea Studio is a match 3 game based on the fairy tale adventures.

Once upon a time, there is little girl named Annie living in the woods. The Wicked witch sealed all of Annie's cake in the jewel and took away all of her friends, the cute beasties. Anne is desperately waiting for your help. Come to save the pets and take back the cakes. You need to pass through a magic land and conquer barriers one by one. After all those difficulties, you are the hero of the woods.

Jewel Crush Story will offer you a whole new adventure with the cutest pets, most powerful skills and ever best Feed & Grow experience.



*Just match and collect. Even your granny could play it!

*Coolest eye-popping effect. I can't help playing!

*Compete for food to feed the beasties, you'll be surprised!

*Fight for treasure chests against the wicked witch!

*100+ levels are too fascinating to resist!
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