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Traveling across time zones? JetBuddy is here to revolutionize the way you adjust to new time zones, making jet lag a thing of the past! With our scientifically backed recommendations, you can now embrace every journey without the dread of sleepless nights and sluggish days.

Custom Travel Plans: Simply enter your travel details, and JetBuddy crafts a personalized adjustment plan tailored just for you. Whether you're flying from New York to Tokyo or Paris to Los Angeles, we've got you covered.

Daily Recommendations: Your adjustment plan isn't static. Receive daily updates for sleep schedules, exercise timing, light exposure, and dietary advice including when to use melatonin or caffeine to best aid your body's internal clock adjustment.

Light Exposure Guide: JetBuddy’s algorithm advises you on the optimal times to seek or avoid light, helping you reset your circadian rhythm efficiently to the new time zone.

Melatonin & Caffeine Scheduler: Confused about when to take melatonin or when to drink coffee? JetBuddy offers precise timing recommendations to enhance your adjustment process without the guesswork.

Activity Suggestions: Get recommendations for the best times to exercise or relax, based on your current adjustment progress and local time.

Progress Tracker: Monitor your adjustment journey with JetBuddy’s progress tracker. See how well you’re acclimating to the new timezone day by day.

Seamless Integration: JetBuddy seamlessly integrates with your Apple Watch to provide you acclimation recommendations at a glance.
Dylan Mace