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JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

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JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

Get stronger and meet your fitness goals with JEFIT, the only exercise tracker with detailed workout programs, HD video exercise instructions and tools to log, track, and plan your workouts. From beginner weightlifters to professional bodybuilders, from home or the gym use JEFIT to track your workouts and throw away your notebook.

Men’s Fitness - Best Fitness Apps || Sports Illustrated - JEFIT is one of The Best Fitness Apps of 2022

Join the JEFIT community with over 10 million people who use JEFIT to track their workouts and transform their bodies.

JEFIT, the number one workout tracking and planning app, provides a free fitness program database to help you stay fit, make progress and get the most out of your gym or home fitness sessions. From beginner programs like 5x5, 531, Stronglifts, 3 or 4 day splits, and Starting Strength to advanced bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting or kettlebell routines. JEFIT even has programs using bodyweight, limited space or specialized equipment, JEFIT is the only workout app you need.

User Reviews
- “Best bodybuilding and workout trainer ever! Can't believe this tool is free!"
- “JEFIT is the BEST Workout and Fitness logger EVER! The combination of downloadable daily workout routines and tracking your progress online is great! Also its FREE”
- “JEFIT is the best FREE workout and fitness planner on the market, never go to the gym without this tool”

Major Features
- 1400+ weight training exercises in the largest exercise database
- HD video demonstrations of exercises
- Watch App integration to streamline your workout
- Workout routine database with community created daily workout routines and fitness plans
- Track your fitness progress and stay motivated by your improvements
- Fully customizable plans and exercises to create daily workout programs
- Sync w/ Health app to track your body weight, height, and exercise time

Workout Planner
- Create your own daily custom fitness plans personalized to your goals to help you get in shape and improve your strength
- Download community created weight training routines
- Routines specific for your goals, i.e getting six pack abs, building a lean body, lose weight, increase strength

Exercise Database
- Find weight lifting and muscle building exercises to create your own daily fitness routines
- 1400+ exercises for all major weight lifting equipment including barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, strength and cardio machines and more
- Detailed exercise instructions and animations
- Track cardio and strength training exercises

Friendly UI
- Quick and simple tracking of your weight/reps and sets for exercises
- Save your best lifting record for each exercise
- Download the accompanying watch app

Community and Friends
- Connect with friends and share logs to help stay motivated
- Share your progress and compare stats with the community
- Post updates to your profile page
- Share your workouts via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
- View progress and videos shared from the community

Device Sync
- Sync your workout data and save your lifting and body stat progress
- Download community created strength routines and daily fitness plans

*JEFIT Elite subscription*
Upgrade to the JEFIT Elite subscription for $69.99 per year.
JEFIT Elite subscription offers a more advanced feature set, including but not limited to: Unlimited watch app workouts, professional audio cues, advanced fitness analytics,and premium training routines created by experts with more features on the way.

Subscription details: JEFIT Elite subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account. Your payment will continue to auto-renew unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Subscriptions can be canceled or managed under your app store subscription settings.

By upgrading to Elite, you agree with our Term of Service ( and Privacy Policy (
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