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Japanese Voice Over Clock

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Japanese Voice Over Clock

This app is a simple voice clock. It can announce time during music playing and in background which use a local notification. It is useful when you cannot see your iPhone.

The app can use only Japanese sound. The app has no ads and it can announce 12 AM/PM in Japanese style. If you need English sound or Italian sound, please use our free app “Voice Over Clock”. Other information is written on “App Information” in the app.

■ About URL Scheme

(Format) voclockjp://aa/bb/cccc/dddd or vocjp://aa/bb/cccc/dddd

aa: Switch, on or off
bb: Time Interval
cccc: Start Time, 24-hour, 4 digits (hhmm)
dddd: Stop Time, 24-hour, 4 digits (hhmm)
Takafumi AMANO