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The zambomba, according to the formal definition of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, is a rustic musical instrument, made of clay or wood, hollow, open at one end and closed by the other with a very tight skin, which has center, well attached, a reed in the manner of a mast, which, rubbed from top to bottom and bottom to top with the wet hand, produces a loud, hoarse and monotonous sound.

Izambomba is the app that has transferred this experience to the digital plane and will allow you to compete with other interpreters of this musical instrument to know who is able to play the zambomba more quickly and to hold more time doing it.

Save the records of your iZambomba sessions and dare to compete with your friends and the rest of the interpreters of this instrument.

Download your iZambomba app, which will allow you to compete on both your mobile and your watch, if you have one.