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iWilton is eliminating scheduling difficulties for the students of Wilton High School.

Our new, easy-to-understand mobile interface shows your daily schedule based on the classes you are currently enrolled in - offering a real-time update on where you are in your day as well as a preview of your schedule on any given day.

With our schedule-sharing capabilities, view your friends’ schedules, and rest easy knowing that our privacy options require users to “request” any user who is set to private.

With lots of new features coming soon, and constant support for modified schedules - our app is packed full of utilities we know you’ll love.

-View live schedule information in a simple and intuitive interface
-Swipe between days to see what the rest of your week looks like
-Fully functional Apple Watch app
-See your classmates and browse other students' schedules.
-Linked to your school Google account so your data is persisted across all devices and the web
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