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iWatch Padel

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iWatch Padel

iWatch Padel is the best application for your Apple Watch. It allows you to monitor the results of your Padel or Tennis match and see the history of the matches you have played.

Configure the options with which you play your match before starting it:

- Do you have time to play? Then you will use Tie Break. Activate it from the settings so that in case of a tie at 6 games, the Tie Break score is activated automatically.

- When we are a little short of time and we want to finish the match without ending up tying due to lack of time. We have the option to activate the GOLDEN POINTS. In this case, after a 40-40 the winning team will win the game directly.

Have you ever got lost counting the score in the middle of your match? Now with iWatch Padel you don't have to worry about your memory, keep track of the score at all times. To add a point, just click on the team that scored the point and it will be added automatically.

Did you make a mistake when adding a point or do you have to repeat the point again because of a questionable ball? No problem! You can easily undo the points one by one as many times as necessary.

Very intuitive interface to make it easier for you to control your matches.
Daniel Madrid Poveda