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Walkingspree helps companies control health care costs by getting employees moving. Our proven wellness program applies modern technology to a simple concept to get results. For more information, visit

The Walkingspree Activity program is designed to pull validated data from Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch and Smartphones for challenges, gaming, and reporting. Walkingspree also has an open platform that connects with mobile phone applications such as Apple Health Kit and Google Fit, which will allow almost any activity tracker or mobile app to share validated data with Walkingspree (Samsung Gear is not compatible at this time but members can use Google Fit). This enables members already having a device to connect to Walkingspree’s activity tracking platform.

If you are experiencing difficulty with steps appearing correctly, sometimes it is just a matter of correct setup. We would appreciate if you could please review your setup at before posting a review for the Walkingspree mobile app.

***Requires a Walkingspree account to use this app. Please contact us at if you are interested in an employer program.

- Set daily step goals and track your progress over time.
- Quickly view progress toward personal and program goal with both steps taken and percent of goal attained.
- Sync your device directly with your iPhone. No computer required!
- Track food and calories consumed while on the go. Our database contains 65,000 food and restaurant items plus 7,000 recipes. Sort food into meals and monitor calories burned vs. calories consumed.
- Visual activity statistics are broken down by day, week, month, quarter and year or through a chosen date range.
- See badges earned and the next badge to reach in each category, including: activity, nutrition, challenge, social and weight loss.
- Integration with health apps, calculates steps, calories, and workout based on user’s permission and displays on the dashboard.
- Automatically syncs with your chosen health app in 15-minute intervals.
- Track your own and your team’s status in challenges.
- Compare your stats with your friend’s.
- See the top walkers in your group.
- Compare one team with another team.
- Shop for your Activity Tracker
- Support Desk built into App