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iVent - The Portable Person Puppet.

Is that a dummy in your pocket? Now it can be. Turn your friend into a puppet just like on TV.

Here’s how it works - they hold your phone in front of their face and you’ll be able to make them say whatever you like. Easy!

Make them say anything you like. Get your boss to give you a raise. Don’t have any friends? Make your dog talk!

iVent comes with three professionally drawn digital vent masks that you can use straight away.

But that’s not all.

This pocket ventriloquist mask can be customised using images or photos from your gallery.

It’s easy to do. Take a photo of your friend / enemy / pet with their mouth open, closed and tongue sticking out, import the three photos into one of the three iVent dummy slots and make them talk.

Just like the professionals do. Loads of fun for all the family.
Ian Pidgeon