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IUPUI Welcome 365

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IUPUI Welcome 365

Welcome-365 app is a user-friendly mobile app designed to enhance IUPUI orientation, first night/Weeks of Welcome, and the relationship between students and all their potential contacts (e.g., peers, advisors, mentors, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders). It was created to provide year-round engagement between IUPUI students, mentors, advisors, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders. The following information are also available via Welcome 365 app:

• Friends- Students networking allows users to search common interests and connect through the app to share status, contact info, personal schedules and direct messages
• Campus- Ability to display multiple maps of entire IUPUI campus layout
• Local places- Indianapolis city map and local listings integrated with Google maps
• Video- Integrated YouTube Video feed
• Photo gallery- Allows users to capture, share, and caption event photos and experiences

Also included in Welcome 365 app are schedule of events/sessions, academic calendars, notifications or alerts sent out to every user in real time as needed.
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