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Fellow traveler, of our common passion for traveling and exploring new places, of the desire to document our journeys for presentation and for reminiscing, we gave birth to iTraveler.
What is your next trip destination? North or south America? Africa? Large cities in Europe like Barcelona, Madrid, London, Berlin, Paris or Rome? or small villages in Greece or Cyprus? Are you going trekking up a mountain in the far far east or just want to explore a new calture in Japan?
It really doesn't matter.

Using iTraveler you will create an easy to use journal, when going on a trip. Each journal contains as many moments as you wish. Each moment contains as many photos as you would like accordingly.
You can document your journal in real time or on your free time, we'll do our best to gather all the related information (location, date & time etc.) all the same.
We really hope you'll enjoy using iTraveler, we surely had a great time creating it. Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts. Any good ideas / improvements will be highly appreciated.
And most importantly, whether you'll be using iTraveler or not, we wish you a BONNE VOYAGE!!!

iTraveler also include watch support - just choose your favorite journal and enjoy a slide show in your watch.
Did you know that you can resume your previous activity? Enabling that option from your watch general settings - you can enjoy your slide show all day long.

The iTraveler is optimized for iPhone 6.
Sharon Katz