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Journey into exciting audio adventures and fun tours around the world with friends and family on location or from home with this easy to use virtual tour guide in your pocket. Features 100+ tours in 40+ cities! Are you ready?

Tremble at frightening ghost tours, embark on filming location tours of movies and TV shows, experience historic places, enjoy food tours and bar crawls. iTour offers huge savings and convenience for travelers, and is great for locals and curious minds wishing to explore the world around them in everything from entertainment to education.

Retrace the steps of Jack the Ripper in London, or Al Capone in Chicago. Or, be inspired by heroic stories of the D-Day landings and the struggle for Civil Rights with the Freedom Riders and Underground Railroad tours.

Learn about US history by exploring Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown, or the Boston Freedom Trail. See where films like Breaking Bad, the Batman movies, Harry Potter, and the Exorcist were filmed. Scare yourself on one of 22 ghost tours in cities across the US. Explore the music scene in Nashville, see why they’re keeping Portland weird, or take an adventure on your own with the explore feature!

We add new adventures for you every month. iTour Membership is FREE and gives you access to extra content. Subscribe for only $1.99/month for access to all current and future content! Explore your world!

You don’t need a tour guide when you have iTourMobile. We'll provide you with a route to follow, points of interest throughout the map, and let you share them with your friends! Once you arrive at a location, the narrator will automatically begin speaking. You can keep the device in your pocket if you just want to listen to the audio, and take it out when you want to view photos and follow the route. Or, you may manually prompt locations by selecting them from the list view, or on the map. Whether you're a traveler wanting convenient and quality digital experiences, or at home, let us be your guide!

New! Use the Explore feature to alert you when you are near one of 600,000 interesting places around the world. Useful on road trips, or just walking through an area, the explore feature lets you decide what things you want to see, how far it should be from you, and notifies you when these places are nearby.

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Some of our GPS adventures and Tours:
-Ghost Tours: San Francisco, Nashville, Chicago, NYC, Williamsburg VA, Georgetown, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Charleston, Savannah, Boston, Salem, St. Augustine, New Orleans, Key West, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, St. Louis
-Movie/TV Film Tours: Notebook, True Blood, Walking Dead, The Exorcist, Godfather, Sex and the City, Mad Men, Hunger Games, Captain America, Dark Knight Trilogy, Breaking Bad, Fight Club, Big Lebowski, Supernatural, Harry Potter
-Others: Al Capone, Jack the Ripper, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Alexandria, Freedom Riders Journey, Underground Railroad, Boston Freedom Trail, Music City, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Ringling Bros, Colorado Gold Rush, Keep Portland Weird, D-Day Landings, Spartacus, Apostles in Rome, Macao
-Food Tours & bar Crawls: DC Metro, Charleston, South Beach

*Note: Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The app and GPS remain active in the background as you walk from place to place, so that you can listen to each location conveniently as you travel, without removing the phone from your pocket or pressing buttons, even when your phone goes to sleep! You can modify the GPS timer in the menu to reduce GPS use
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