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Time is the commodity, you better find out where your time is going. --Randy Pausch

iTimeLog is a set of good-design function that allow you to log,track and review your time and life effortlessly.

Logging time likes recording everyday receipts.
but there is maybe a little difference,money go and back,but time go away,never back.

Logging time, review after serval days,you will find leaks of your time, fix it,live a worth life.

Life is Only 900 months.

* Apple Watch supported
* quick input , as easy as send a SMS
* title is optional, you can input a non-title event first,and edit it at your convenience.
* focus on one thing.when start a new event,stop last one automatically.
* touch screen input, you can just touch a thing show on the screen to restart it, instead of input again.
* analysis your time spent, by enent or by type, list or chart.
* find out where your time going, balance your life.
HengJian Lai