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iTHUMP is a versatile utility tool for magicians.

iTHUMP can be used as a secret thumper to send vibrations from Apple Watch to iPhone, iPhone to Apple Watch, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad or iPad to iPhone.

Includes Toxic+, number force tool that mirrors the all entry and results to the magician's Apple Watch and iThump interface, Bluetooth earpiece as well as providing stand alone peeks. You can perform multiple forces, book test and create custom lists. Multiple Birthdates, Zodiac and Chinese star signs and lots of data can be derived from the information being input.
I'm sure you will find many uses in your magical effects.

You can create and import in your own keypad background graphics so it can look the way you want it to.

Many features can also be used stand alone so don't worry if you don't have an Apple Watch or a second device.

****Menus are in English only ****
You can customise outputs to your own language.

It uses Bluetooth and/or WiFi so can be used without an internet connection. Turn on BlueTooth and connect to the same WiFi network or turn WiFi off.

You can send playing cards, zenner cards, colours, and short messages.

You can create a custom list of frequently used messages or use the keyboard for one off texts.

Install on as many of your Apple devices as you like.
Ian Pidgeon