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iTalkBB Prime is a communication app that supports international call& text without regional restrictions. This app comes with a US/Canada phone number and a Chinese phone number for seamless international communication without needing a SIM card. iTalkBB Prime works with Wi-Fi and cellular data, it lets you to call from anywhere to more than 29 global destinations without roaming. You can use iTalkBB Prime’s add-on phone numbers for your everyday needs, including receiving verification text messages from China and US/Canada.

●Add-on Phone Numbers: Customized local area code
●Free Text Messages: Unlimited US, Canada& China texts, including 2FA text messages
●Free International Talk: 200 mins free talk to 29+ global destinations, renews every month
●Group Feature: Invite up to 5 people to your group to share your calls, texts, and voice mails
iTalk Global Communications, Inc.