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Itaú Global Wallet

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Itaú Global Wallet

Welcome to the Itaú Global Wallet. This product is a multi-currency digital wallet exclusively available for Itaú Private Bank clients. It comes with a personalized Mastercard you can reload anytime from your Itaú Private Bank international account.

With the mobile app, you can lock in currency rates well before you travel. This allows you to load your Itaú Global Wallet when the rates suit you. Then you can stop worrying about currency fluctuations that can have an impact on your travel budget.

Once you load your Itaú Global Wallet with USD, you can use the Itaú Global Wallet Mobile App to exchange USD into any of the 6 foreign currencies that are supported by the programme:

• Great British Pound
• Euro
• Swiss Franc
• Brazilian Real
• Japanese Yen
• Canadian Dollar

Your app and card are synched
Your physical Mastercard is synched to the mobile app, so when you move funds into a Currency Wallet on the app, your Mastercard immediately contains those funds. Let’s say you’ve purchased Euro on the mobile app while in France. Now when you use your card at merchants who transact in Euro, you’ll spend like a local and save on fees.

Use it anywhere around the world
With your Itaú Global Wallet, you can shop easily or access ATM’s anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You’re in control
Using the Itaú Global Wallet Mobile App, you can conveniently exchange money anytime, anywhere. You can pre-load your travel funds into your Itaú Global Wallet Card and give yourself full control of your budget throughout your trip. But what if you’re enjoying yourself a little too much on your trip? Don’t worry. You can easily reload your Itaú Global Wallet Card at anytime, from anywhere.

Why does the card have a Mastercard logo? Is it a credit card?
Itaú Global Wallet is a Mastercard debit card that you pre-fund with your own money, so you can avoid the risk of carrying large amounts of cash when traveling.

Are there any other benefits?
As a cardholder, you’ll get access to Mastercard’s Priceless Cities programme, which provides exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences and adventures to travelers around the globe. For added security, you can block your card from the app at any time. You’ll also get a Virtual Itaú Global Wallet Mastercard. The virtual card is a very secure way to pay for purchases you make online or over the phone.
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