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With iSounds, you will always have the perfect sound effect for the moment in an instant. With most soundboards, you will be attacked with hundreds of sounds to scroll through, and by the time you find the sound you want, the moment is over.

iSounds is different. iSounds has the 8 best and most used sounds on a soundboard which were decided by a survey. Aside from the 8 main sounds, you can choose to switch some of them out for others. You can also access 4 prank worthy sounds from your Apple Watch. These sounds will play on your iPhone even if it's locked which makes it easy to pull off some great pranks. Unlike other soundboards that work on the Apple Watch, iSounds is FREE with limited ads and always will be!

The 8 main sounds include:
Air Horn, Fail, Oh no, Boing, Boo, Applause, Train, and Drama.

The 4 sounds available on the Apple Watch include:
Air Horn, Fail, Oh no, and Drama.

You can also switch out the Train sound for a Squeak sound, and the Boing sound for a Pew sound.

Created by Sweet development,
Mitchell Sweet