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iSMART Goals Pro

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iSMART Goals Pro

Focus, Achieve, Collaborate and Share with your friends, colleagues, family and public.

Successful people start their day organized and focused on what to accomplish. Start behaving and living like a successful and organized person. If other people can do it, so do you!

iSMART Goals is a light simple and goals-centric application. It helps you organize all your goals from a shopping list to building your dream.

This is a major milestone of our application v4.0.0.
Now you can:
- Create groups and invite users to join you and collaborate to achieve one goal.
- Assign tasks to the users in you group.
- Option to allow users can add tasks that can support to achieve your goal.
- All users in the group can add notes/comments to the goal to keep tracking and share experience.
- You can make a goal public, all users of the application can see your goal, share their notes/comments to help you avoid a mistake they have made.

Our goal is to make value for your life and help you organize your goals, daily tasks and achievements.

SMART stands for:
- Specific.
- Measurable.
- Attainable.
- Relevant.
- Time-Bounded.

You can do it, only when you do it!

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