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iShower X

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iShower X

iShower X is an application allowing your iPhone or iWatch to control all the functions of iShower and SkyShower systems while providing a real time feedback of the water temperature and flow at each outlet as well as the temperature within the shower enclosure locally or via the cloud.

iShower and SkyShower can be made up of large number of water mixing valves each delivering 2-60 litres per minute. This version of iShower X is limited to 12 valves and 180 litres per minute.

iShower is perfect for priming the shower area and for setting up and running of user presets and shower scenes. Scents and lights controls are now added for furthering the user experience and SAD light functionality is available on some SkyShowers models.

iShower X has an open API and drivers for the major home automation systems in addition to its own all-glass touch interface which is waterproof and screwless.

What’s new?: This version was built from scratch with major changes in the way the application interacts with all available iShower/SkyShower systems and the back-end. The cloud solution was redesigned for security and durability. Once paired a user can take the full benefit of Face ID and no longer needs to log-on for access. There is no limit to the number of iShower/SkyShower systems.

Requires iShower/SkyShower MK4 wired to a network with WiFi access.
Legacy iShower/SkyShower systems would require a hardware update.
Unique Automation