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iSenhas is a password manager and security tool that uses advanced encryption with iCloud storage.
Simple to use and user-friendly interface. We intelligently automate the organization of large numbers of passwords with a Smart Folder algorithm and automatic icon detection. 100% Brazilian and unique technology.

Increase your productivity having all your passwords in hand with:
- Fast unlocking of passwords through Touch ID or Face ID.
- Automatic verification of your passwords strength with a list of vulnerability alerts.
- Dark web leak check tool.
- Icons automatically added to passwords through smart text recognition.
- Smart algorithm for automatic organization of passwords in folders.
- Automatic filling of passwords on your smartphone keyboard.
- Anti theft protection.
- Strong and random password generator with special characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters.
- Storage of infinite passwords on the Premium plan and 5 for free.
- Sharing passwords with other devices using the same email account.
- Algorithm to import passwords from Google, Dashlane, LastPass and Cyclonis.
- History of old passwords.
- Storing and managing notes.
- Storing and managing instant transfer codes like Pix, FedNow, MB Way and others.

No more worrying about creating, storing, managing and remembering your passwords. Gain focus to your day-to-day.

Part of the icons is provided by Icons8.
If you have any questions please contact us, we are looking forward to your feedback to further improve this tool.
davi orzechowski