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IS Guide

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IS Guide

Learning sign language is quite useful thing because you can't know what is expecting you in real life. Deaf people are as normal as other so for full communication with people who are more comfortable signing than speaking, learn sign language. IS Guide - Talk To Deafmute Pro will be a great helper to know how deaf people communicate. You will be able to explain simple words and expressions, answer a questions and so on.

IS Guide - Talk To Deafmute Pro is a great app for those who has never learned ASL and has never had a contact with deaf people before. Try to learn simple common phrases with this app. While learning you will know new words and expressions, so you can add your own notes sticking photos to them.

IS Guide - Talk To Deafmute Pro features:
- 5 mini sets of common words and expressions;
- opportunity to add your own notes with photo;
- several tips on how to communicate with deaf people.
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