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If you are looking for a tool that can help you overcome all your rhythmic obstacles then look no further. This is no ordinary metronome. While it can satisfy all the basic needs one expects of a metronome, this tool has a set of features that transform it into the last rhythm helper you’ll ever need. Whether you are a beginner, advanced student, or a professional, iRhythmic will fit your needs and more. It has been designed with the help and feedback of professional and amateur jazz and classical musicians. The creator of iRhythmic is an accomplished classical guitarist who has performed in recitals and competitions and this tool was a creation that arose out of the years of practice and performance.

The most fundamental aspect of iRhythmic is that a great amount of time in its research and development has been focused on ensuring that it keeps time precisely and accurately. This should be the fundamental aspect of any music time keeping device but many metronomes designed for general purpose computing devices have problems with time drift and lack of accuracy. iRhythmic is extremely accurate and precise at even the tiniest of intervals and we are confident that it is among the very few metronomes for general purpose computing devices that can make this claim. Try it and see for yourself!

Features of iRhythmic:

- Ability to control the metronome from connected apple watch

- Simple intuitive interface with minimal intrusion to task of creating and using rhythm definitions even for advanced features

- Metronome display is traditional wooden metronome with a swing arm that tracks beats with extreme accuracy and displays rhythm information

- Precise and accurate sound engine for metronomic time keeping

- Two primary operation modes: traditional metronome and sequenced rhythms

- Customize Meter, beats per minute (BPM), sounded ticks, and accents of sounded ticks

- Ability to sequence arbitrary rhythms

- Infinitely granular customization of Accents for sounded ticks via a simple intuitive interface. For example take a 4/4 measure with quintuplets for ticks. The default accent group set would be 5 5 5 5 meaning 4 groups of 5 ticks each with an accent on the first tick of each group. This can be modified to 5 10 5 to enable accents at the 1st, 6th and 16th ticks instead. Have exotic Indonesian rhythms or Balkan rhythm groupings in mind? Anything is possible.

- Accents have defaults not usually requiring customization unless deviating from norm

- Setting for looping of sequences: can loop by incrementing BPM every given number of loops up to a maximum BPM. This allows the ability to slowly increase the speed of a passage or sequence up to a required maximum.

- Tap tempo in metronome mode

- Supports iPhone OS 4 multitasking and can run in background

- Available for devices running iPhone 4 OS

- Separate application specifically designed for iPad's larger screen available shortly with all the above and more features such as synchronization of sheet music to defined sequence blocks

Many metronomes only allow a single setting and while many have more features, they don’t maintain an accurate time. As you can see, iRhythmic has many advanced features enabling very granular customizability to fit any musical rhythm. It allows sequences of rhythm blocks of arbitrary length thereby providing the ability to customize learning of any piece without having to fiddle with a metronome repeatedly through a piece of music. These sequences can be saved and retrieved when necessary. Finally it bears repeating that iRhythmic maintains time precisely and accurately, or shall we say, metronomically?

Whether you are learning a piece, practicing scales, or working on a difficult technical passage, iRhythmic can help you by allowing you set up your practice, no matter how complex it is, and save it away to call up at will. Allow iRhythmic to be a partner in your musical journey.
Vinay Krishnaswamy