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iRF Pick

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iRF Pick

iRF is our next generation RF solution for SAP.

Please note: This App is for licensed user of iConsole WM of our iRF solution. If you already have iConsole WM 2.0 installed, simply download this App and connect to get started. Please refer to the installation instruction in your iConsole WM package.

- iRF Pick is for the warehouse picking of Mobile Warehouse Execution -

* Hands free picking
* Support Barcode scanner
* Complete the picking process on Apple Watch

Using this App, your iPhone and your Apple Watch is a mobile picking client for your SAP ERP system. The user-friendly interface allow you to perform warehouse picking without holding a RF handheld. This improved the warehouse workers productivity by free up their hands. It is the time to say goodbye to the heavy Zebra/Motorola/Symbol barcode mobile handheld.

** Please use the app iRF WM if you don't have an Apple Watch. iRF Pick is designed for hands free warehouse picking operation using an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and an optional KDC barcode scanner. **
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