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IPS Switcher

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IPS Switcher

Fast and Easy App to Switch IP-Symcon Objects, even from your Apple Watch.
Everyone who ever made something with home automation might already become aware of the mighty IP-Symcon Software. The company who brought you IP-Symcon also published an app on the Apple App Store which lets you use the Webfront from within an iOS App. This might be a bit to heavy for some special use cases and so I developed IPS-Switcher. It’s as simple as the name suggests. You define the server address, the objects and then you can immediately switch your objects on and off. Nothing more nothing less. In it’s current state there is no SSL implemented so I would not recommend to use it over the internet. It’s meant for home usage. In a later version I will implement SSL for sure.

- Tap on the the Settings button in the top bar and configure the server IP, password, webfront id, etc.
- Next, create a switchable object by tapping the plus sign in the top bar. Enter the instance ID of the switchable object (get it from the webfront configurator) and the ID of the status field of that object. Enter a name and a group if needed and you're ready to go.

- Repeat the last step as often as you like for all your switchable objects

- If you want to modify or delete an existing object, just swipe it from the right to the left in the overview table and choose the edit option

If you have any questions, suggestions or critics please do not hesitate to contact me via email. Please understand that I can not answer to rating comments and I will have no option to get back to you if you have a problem with the software.

Graphics from Mainly from OCAL, thanks!
Michael Muller