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iProLi Pro

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iProLi Pro

This program was developed especially for software developers. With it, you are able to document all steps of the developing process. Especially with multiple programs and many versions, it gives you a better overview.

Here, you enter all new features and reported bugs. While developing, you can read this information and implement it. Because of the integrated version control, you see always in which state the function or error correction is. And you see in which version the function was implemented, or the error was corrected.

There are similar systems for this task. But this application was optimized for very small teams. Without it, you have not the overview of all functions and error corrections in all your applications.

"iProLi" can be used either as a mobile supplement to the desktop programs "xProLi", "Mac-ProLi", "Win-ProLi" or "Lin-ProLi" or as a stand-alone app.

This application is based on the "iProLi" that has been available for a long time. In order to integrate all current and future functions of iPhone and iPad, we had to rewrite the application. However, data from the previous application "iProLi" can be taken over.
MC Richter GbR