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Iphigénie, the hiking map

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Iphigénie, the hiking map

Everyone understands the need for a map; to prepare for an outing, a walk, a hike, a trip or simply to know where you are and about the environment that surrounds you. Iphigénie is a complete mapping app which - thanks to more than 40 maps - will allow you to find your way anywhere in the world.

We include some of the most popular maps in the world:
- OpenTopoMap (worldwide topography)
- OpenSnowMap (worldwide ski slopes)
- French IGN topographic national maps
- SwissTopo maps
- Spanish topographic maps
- Norwegian topographic maps
and many others*…

But much more than just your location on a map, iPhigénie offers you a variety of tools that will allow you to prepare, follow, record, archive and share your outings.
- download maps for offline access
- create, edit, import GPS tracks
- position, import useful markers (e.g. avalanche path, mushroom spots….)
- 3D view
- follow a GPS track (with optional guidance sounds to keep you on-track)
- customised vocal alerts
- information like distance covered, distance remaining, estimated arrival time
- beacon, to allow chosen contacts to follow your outing progress in real time.
- record your track, your position
- information like distance covered, elevation gain and loss, average and current speed
- Tracks and markers saved in a folder
- Cloud access
- export your tracks and markers in GPX format

By selecting iPhiGéNie, you enjoy not only a complete and stable application, but also a customer-focused team available to answer all your questions and assist you as you progress.
So, if you encounter any difficulty with the app, do not hesitate to contact us: support(at)

Note : editor subscription needed for marked “**” maps
- IGN France :
Topographic and road maps (current, 1950)**, Scan 1/25k all scales**, OACI (aviation)**, ESRI** (worldwide), French satellite view (current, 1950-1965, 2000-2005, 2006-2010), cadastre**, French administrative limits, Plan IGN V2, slopes 30° 35° 40° 45°, restricted drone areas, 19th century maps, Paris satellite view (1818-1824, 1906, 1965-1980).
- SwissTopo :
Topographic and road maps, satellite view, hiking trails, gliding maps, OACI (aviation), geological maps, slopes >30°.
- IGN Belgium :
Topographic and road maps (Cartoweb)**.
Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
Topographic maps.
- Instituto Geografico Nacional (Spain) :
Basic maps, topographic and road maps.
- Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (Germany) :
Topographic and road digital maps
- Kartverket (Norway) :
Topographic and road maps
- (worldwide) :
- OpenCycleMap (worldwide) :
OpenCycleMap, landscape, transport, outdoor.
OpenSnowMap (worldwide)
Ski areas, pistes and trails.
- Geological and Mineral Research Bureau (France) :
Geological maps.
- Forests National Office (France) :
Public forest delimits, public forest plots.
Beacon : WARNING, do not rely solely on this feature for safety.  Planning, communication and knowledge are the ultimate tools for safety in the mountains.
Apple Store subscriptions are recurrent, their renewal is automatic.

** Editor subscription required
*** Vmax module purchase is required to access iPhiGéNie’s tools (this is not a subscription) – without Vmax module you only get access to your location on the map.