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iP Voiding Diary

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iP Voiding Diary

iP Voiding Diary is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch to quickly and reliably create a digital voiding diary. iP Voiding Diary is your first aid for bladder problems and incontinence.

iP Voiding Diary:

- Is an attractive alternative for the paper-based micturition list from the urologist.

- Records exactly what and how much you drink, fully customizable to your situation.

- Keeps track of when and how much you urinate, including feelings of urge and pain.

- Accurately records the pattern in recurring incidents of urine loss.

- Is easy to operate because of specially designed icons for entering your data.

- Can be used by anyone, with or without urinary symptoms or bladder problems.

- Offers an exceptionally innovative report, completely based on graphic elements.

- Compares your personal fluid balance with international standards from scientific literature.

- Provides a PDF-report to mail to yourself, your family doctor or your urologist.

Downloading and testing the app is free-of-charge. Then unlock the app for a one-time payment of $0,99 and use it for free forever. Fully functional and including the spectacular report per Cycle.
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