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IP-Symcon Mobile

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IP-Symcon Mobile

IP-Symcon Mobile is the mobile visualisation for the IP-Symcon automation software. It offers you a fast and comfortable way to monitor and control all the devices and equipment of your building. With your user-defined WebFronts you can command your equipment in real time or control individual states. Access is quick due to low data transmission no matter if you use it via your local network or a 3G/LTE remote access. The authentication by user name/password and an optionally available SSL encryption further provides a secure connection.

From a single interface, you can command all systems supported by IP-Symcon such as EIB/KNX, LCN, digitalSTROM, EnOcean, eq3 HomeMatic, Eaton Xcomfort, Z-Wave, M-Bus, ModBus (for instance WAGO SPS/Beckhoff SPS), Siemens OZW, Siemens Logo, different ALLNET devices and other systems. A complete list can be found here:

For testing purposes this app has predefined configurations for our demo. The german localization which is shown on the screenshots can be fully customized by your own configuration.

The functions at a glance:
- Fast access due to minimal data transmission
- User-defined WebFronts for different servers/access levels
- Three Skins (Light, Blue, Dark)
- Authentication by user name and password
- Secure connection using SSL encryption
- All IP-Symcon compatible systems are supported
- Special variables are supported (TextBox, HTMLBox, HexColor)
- Display of media files configured with IP-Symcon (for instance webcam images, MJPEG streams)
- Configuration of cyclic events (e.x. weekly timers)
- Dynamic content for example creating, deleting or hiding of object will be updated in the app immediately
- Send custom alarms/messages via Push Notifications (*)
- Display mobile Charts of e.x. your consumption, temperature or presence
- Add favorites which are accessible from the Home-Screen through Force-Touch
- Add Shortcuts that can be used to active any action through Siri commands

This application requires installation of an IP-Symcon server system equipped with IP-Symcon Basic, IP-Symcon Professional or IP-Symcon Unlimited, version 4.0 or higher. Additionally, the corresponding hardware for your building automation has to be installed. All categories, variables and devices shown on the screenshots are examples taken from a sample project. You personal IP-Symcon Mobile App will be individually customized depending on the configuration of your IP-Symcon server system. Please also refer to the documentation concerning the IP-Symcon WebFront. (*) Sending Push Notifications requires an internet connection and a valid IP-Symcon subscription.
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