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Now, with iOsally you can track your daily prayers neatly using only one finger. iOsally simple flat design eases your journey with its pretty islamic backgrounds and tap-to-show animations. All you need is just scrolling up and down to get what you want.

iOsally features:
- Prayer Times for your day
- Week Prayers
- Selective Azkar
- Sunnah prayers
- Customizable Today Notifications Widgets
- Apple Watch Integration
- Localization in Arabic & English

iOsally helps you to gain more Thawab by listing all the related Sunnah prayers to each main prayer. You can also view your weekly prayer if you want to get a full oversight of your prayers.
Busy doing your stuff? Don’t worry! We got this. iOsally will remind you of your prayers without making a fuss. Just enable it from iOsally's settings. You don’t speak Arabic? Still, we got this. iOsally is your bilingual friend. It speaks in English and Arabic.
iOsally also includes a Today Notification extension if you want to get a sneak peak of your daily prayers. Amazingly, iOsally lets you customize how it looks like with 4 cool templates.
And because we are committed to updating you with your prayers, we are making using of the most personal device Apple has ever made; the all new Apple Watch. iOsally now supports it. You can view your current prayer ‘glancely’ or you can view them all in one package.

Don’t forget to pray! :)
Hani Ibrahim