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Io Mobile

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Io Mobile

This program uses a universal Siemens driver to communicate to a wide variety of Siemens Automation Devices, including S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500 processors. By configuring PLCs and Tags, you can monitor areas of memory including Data Blocks, Input/Output points, Counters, Timers, and Internal Markers (flags). You can also write to supported memory to alter your automation system's operation.

Once PLCs and Tags are configured, you can use Tag Tables to group tags into logical groups for fast access. These Tag Tables can be viewed and monitored on your paired Apple Watch, allowing you to monitor your automation systems on your wrist – including writing new values to turn bits on/off or sending a new numeric value to your process.

This program communicates directly from your iPhone over your internal network to your PLC without the need for other servers. Because of this, your iPhone must have appropriate connections over your company's network to allow it to communicate to the PLCs. If you are outside of your automation network, appropriate VPN connections will be required to allow this program to create a connection to your PLCs.

This program allows for the creation of a single PLC and up to 10 tags in the free version. To communicate to multiple PLCs and define as many tags as you want, you will need to do an In-App purchase to unlock these features.
Io Mobile