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Invictus Lifestyle

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Invictus Lifestyle

Invictus is the solution to life’s most inconvenient moments in multi-unit living.

- Being key-free for all access points within the community.
- No more keys, fobs, clickers to lose or replace.
- Share a digital key with any one any time anywhere.
- Always know who is here to visit you before buzzing them into the community.
- Digital coupons for resident life, never lose money to forgotten coupons.
- Give delivery and guests easy way finding directions right to your unit.
- Earn free rewards through Invictus Loyalty Points (ILPs).
- Submit maintenance requests and track progress.
- Video updates displayed in Full HD Media Center.
- Push Button Notifications of Community Maintenance/Events.
- Video communication with the entry kiosks.
- Automated proximity based access using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons.
- Free mobile updates.

The Invictus app helps you stay connected with your building community & local businesses. It gives you an untethered freedom to your life.

It's also your personal concierge for you and your guests. Our app provides full high definition, FaceTime like, video chat experience connecting you to your guests at the entry kiosks which gives you full control over guest access.

You can choose when to keep private, by enabling the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, or have management recall entry photos from kiosks for specific days and time in case of security threats.

The most important features of the Invictus Lifestyle app are for keeping you safe while creating convenience and daily/weekly/monthly saving through digital keys and coupons.
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