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Problems finding your car?
The only free slot was 2 miles from the party?
It is getting dark outside and can't remember where you had parked?
You can leave your preoccupations home, because today
you've downloaded Invenio!

Invenio! is a unique Apple Watch app, designed around being
intuitive, easy and convenient for the user: all you ever need to
do is tap once to save your position; whenever you want to find
it, all that you will need to do is to tap again and you will see
the directions to your parking spot, with no effort but to enjoy life
and walk straight to your car, simply by following the directions
indicated by our compass.

Say what? You've left your car in an indoor parking lot and you're
afraid there will be no signal?
Worry no more my friend, we have a solution for this too: when
signal is absent or very weak, you will be able to record a short
voice memo that you can use to describe your parking place, then
when it comes to going back there you can just listen to the memo,
and stay assured you won't forget any particular.

What are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time!
Stay Smart, Stay Invenio!

The App is built by using the Compass feature of the Device.
If your device is not equipped with a Compass, the App will always show you the voice recorder regardless of the connection.

Instagram: @invenio_app
Facebook: @invenioApp
Contact us: [email protected]
Antonino Rossi