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Intrvl lets you track your workouts and save them to the Health app for any interval sport available. This gives accurate calorie tracking for your sport as, for example, boxing for 5 mins is very different to cycling. The settings screen allows you to customise

- Interval time
- Resting time (this could also be classed as 'low interval' time for HIIT)
- Warm up time
- Stretching time (after the warmup)
- Preparation time (duration of time after warm up and stretching to prepare for the start of the workout)
- Interval count (amount of intervals you wish to train)

Some of these can be set to 0 (like warm up time) if you do not want to do one. Intrvl is smart enough to only count the time that you are working (warmup & interval time) to your actual workout. Your activities can be saved and counted towards your activity rings.

Intrvl has a clean interface with the user in mind, numbers can be seen from a distance while training and so on. Smart haptics (vibrations on the watch) and notification sound levels come as standard as some sports are more strenuous than others.

The watch app comes with the ability to lock the screen and unlock using the digital crown for sports where you may accidentally press an undesired button.

Settings can be modified both on the watch and the phone app for convenience. Your heart rate and active energy burn are tracked during your workout when using the watch app.

I hope you enjoy using this app as much as I have enjoyed building and using it myself for training. If there are any requests, feedback notes or issues please email me direct at Your feedback is what can take a good app to a great one!! :D
G Fuller