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inToxiTest is a simple, subtle way to test your mental abilities, on your iPhone, iPad, or your Apple Watch, and to give you information about whether or not you should do dangerous activities.*
You can take this test simply, quickly and subtly, especially if you have an Apple Watch: just open the app quickly, tap a few times to answer your questions, and you get feedback right away concerning your state of mind. Take the test anywhere, any time. You can even train your brain by using inToxiTest as a quick, fun math game that can be played in under a minute!

Answer 10 simple math questions as quickly as you can, and your time is compared with your baseline time (set when you first use the app) to determine how well you are doing mentally. You are notified if:
* You are as fast or faster than your baseline (a Green Check lets you know you're doing well)
* You are a little slower (a Yellow Caution sign shows you should be careful and consider not doing dangerous activities)
* You are much slower (a Red X shows you that you should not do any dangerous activities!)
* Answer more than 3 wrong, and you fail the test (a Red X shows you that you should not do any dangerous activities!)

You can use inToxiTest at home, at the bar, at a party--wherever and whenever you wish to get a quick sense of your mental capacity. You can also use inToxiTest as a fun, quick game at any time: see if you can beat your baseline time to answer each question without getting wrong answers!

inToxiTest runs on any iOS device, as well as your Apple Watch. Be sure, however, to run your initial baseline test on each device you plan to use: each device maintains its own baseline average time, as each device has a different interface. Thus, if you plan to use this app on your phone and your watch, be SURE to take the baseline test on both the phone AND the watch.

*Please note that inToxiTest is for INFORMATION purposes only: the results of this test WILL NOT stand up in court, or as an argument with law enforcement officers. As always, use your best judgement when you are getting intoxicated, or are very tired. Even if your results come back "safe," if you feel unsure about performing other dangerous activities, DO NOT do them!
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