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Do You want to improve your race pace or prepare yourself for a competition ?

In that case the solution of your problem is: interval training.

IntervallLogger is the perfect app to support and help you with interval training

You can easily define an individual procedure of your interval training:

- warm up phase
- high speed phase followed by slow speed phase, number of laps
- cool down phase

During your workout IntervallLogger leads you comfortable and automatically through your training by voice output.

You only have to concentrate yourself on your running pace.

You can also define an accoustic signal or vibration as an signal for the phase change.

The different interval phases are pressented in different colors.

A map view displays your running path.

A table view shows distance, pace and time of each lap.

If you like, your training data will be stored in the Apple Health app (optional).

We wish you a lot of fun and success in your workouts with IntervallLogger!
Johann Gruber