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Interval Workout Timers

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Interval Workout Timers

Get lean, lose weight or gain muscle with Interval Workout Timers. No matter what your goal is, create your own workout routine with Interval Workout Timers. Ideal for those that like to create their own workout routine and not have to be lock in pre-made workouts.

On iPhone / iPad:

Create your own exercises and add them to your own custom workout plan on your iPhone or iPad. Adding exercises to a workout playlist allows you to set each exercise with a limit timer. Sync your workouts and exercises with iCloud and modify them on your iPhone or iPad.

With Apple Watch:

We integrate with the Apple Health App to read and monitor your heart rate and active calories burn while performing your workout session within the Apple Watch's app. Any workouts you perform on your Apple Watch will automatically be saved and can be viewed on the Apple Health App. 
Easily transfer your workouts onto your Apple Watch to help finish your exercise goal for the day!

This app is ideal for those who like to create there own custom workout plan. Great for interval training where you perform each exercise for a set time limit. Exercise anytime, anywhere to meet your fitness goals.

No sign up required. Everything is saved to your iCloud account. Use it immediately after downloading!


Only on Apple Watch, Interval Workout Timers accesses the Apple Health App to read and write workout data with your permission. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about your data.

More features to come! Feel free to reach out for suggestions and support at [email protected].
Enrique Mendoza