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by Boris
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by Boris
This application is used with Arduino based hardware devices for controlling and monitoring your home.
It is complete solution user interaction app, which allows you to focus on hardware and it's functionality using open source protocol provided at Github, along with demo projects.

Once hardware is ready, you will be able to configure the user interface according to your needs.

Solution support there hardware specs:
- up to 10 devices (controllers) per one user account
- up to 8 digital outputs / per device
- up to 8 digital inputs / per device;
- up to 5 analog (16 bit) inputs /per device

All device inputs/outputs are configurable, and can be set-up by user for best operation.
It can be used for following functionalities:

- Thermostat function heating or cooling, current temperature and setpoint
- Plugs - switch button (on/off)
- Lights - switch button ( on/off)
- Rollers (available by pairing 2 outputs up/down, and defining off delay for endpoint)
- Appliances - switch button (on/off)
- Other -available as switch button (on/off) or push button (with off delay)
- Various settings

Automate your digital/analog outputs using programmable timers for each day of week (up to 20 unique state changes can be added per output)

Receive push/email messages per analog/digital input change

Open-source communication protocol available on GitHub.
For more information visit