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Looking for an easy and fun to use language translator app? Then download Mate Translate today. Mate Translate works in 103 languages and can perform text translations, speech-to-text translations and it even synchronizes between all your devices.

Mate has an incredibly comprehensive instant translation database of 103 languages. No matter what language you need help with, Mate has your back. Mate provides a phonetic transcription of any translated word in any language into the international phonetic alphabet. That means you can enter a Chinese character and Mate will tell you how to pronounce it and even transcript it phonetically. Mate doesn’t just help you read in your target language, it teaches you how to speak and understand it. Download today and view our expansive 103 language list.

Mate stores all your translations offline so that you can reference them whenever you want. You can install Mate on a variety of devices and Mate will synchronize between all of them. Mate allows you to instantly translate a phrase on your Mac and then you can access it on another desktop or mobile device. Never lose a translation again, even between devices!

Mate’s Phrasebook functionality allows you to curate personal phrasebooks that you can access quickly and easily on any device. Language learners love using phrasebook to create custom lists for classes or common situations they find themselves in. Instead of creating bulky flashcards just create a Mate Phrasebook word list and study on any device no matter where you are. Mate Phrasebook is also perfect for travelers. Never forget how to say or pronounce, "where is the bathroom?" or "what’s your number?" in any language ever again. Your Phrasebook synchronizes across all your Mate devices and can be curated offline too. With your Mate translation app for iOS, your iPhone is all you need to make learning and speaking languages easy and fun.

Mate recognizes your speech and can translate it on-the-go into any of its 103 languages. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, Mate has your back with full speech recognition. Like a friend who is fluent in 40 languages just peak directly into your iOS device and Mate will talk back to you in whatever language you want. No more communication breakdowns or missed opportunities. With Mate, there is no need for your message to be lost in translation ever again. Mate also works with Apple Watch, just speak directly into your watch and Mate’s instant translator will do all the work for you. This is perfect for travelers who would rather keep their iPhone tucked safely away and out of reach.

Mate’s powerful iMessage integration means you can directly translate any word or phrase from within iMessage itself. Simply pick the language you want to translate from and type in a word, Mate will show you the translation and you can choose to send it as an iMessage with just one touch. Mate’s iMessage translate extension supports all 103 of Mate’s languages to provide instant and accurate translations. Effortlessly chat with new friends while traveling and expand your language skills and grammar. With Mate you don’t need to even change your keyboard language, Mate has your back and will do all the work for you.

Mate has your back when it comes to translating text from other iOS apps too. Mate’s unique selected text instant translation functionality allows you to select any word or phrase in any other iOS app and translate it without ever leaving the app! Just access the share menu when highlighting text and you will see the default "Mate" option. The fastest and easiest way to test this out is to open up Safari and highlight a word or phrase you would like translated. Then tap the "Mate" option.
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