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Inspyre by SmartMonitor

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Inspyre by SmartMonitor

Inspyre® will not function without an activation code and the proper credentials - please visit to activate your account and start using the Inspyre.

Inspyre is a patented, intelligent app that works with an Apple Watch. The app tracks and monitors movements and sends notifications that provide timely and meaningful insights on activity levels and patterns, wakefulness, and sleep.

The Inspyre algorithm is active when the user elects to enable motion monitoring. Various settings and thresholds are customizable for specific needs, and the user may specify the level of sensitivity for movement tracking, including the time of day when these thresholds are to be activated. Additionally, users may turn off (Stop), cancel, or snooze the motion tracking feature at any time.

Inspyre features include the ability to summon help with the press of a button, GPS location in the text notifications, customizable reminders, heart rate recording, reporting how the user feels, and more. With three different subscriptions offering varying features and prices to meet anyone's needs, the Inspyre allows users more independence while giving their loved ones peace of mind.

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Support – Submit a support ticket at Inspyre™ Support by emailing Smart Monitor at [email protected], or call us at USA Toll Free: 1 (888) 334-5045/International: 1 (408) 754-1695

*Inspyre is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure epilepsy, seizures, or any other disease or condition.