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[This app requires a one time purchase after a 14 days free trail.]

Crafted with love and care for years, Inspirations is a quintessential personal task manager for iPhone and Apple Watch. Inspired by Smartisan, I built on top of their innovation. Not only you can record a new task or idea with your voice, you can also make specific commands such as renaming specific tasks and setting due dates by 3D Touch and talk, or pressing a button. Your voice is magical.

The app allows you to assign due date to to-dos, and adding images as attachments.Furthermore, Apple Watch app is an independent app which you can use right on your wrist. The watch app also has the same press a button and talk technology available on iPhone.

The app is fully accessible, people with vision problems can avoid typing on the keyboard completely, because they can complete tasks with only voice and touch.

Developed by one person based in Cupertino, a 17 year old high schooler that is passionate about productivity, transit, simplicity, beautiful design, and innovation.
Mengchun Xue