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Inquirer Mobile

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Inquirer Mobile

Inquirer Mobile brings the stories from the Philippine Daily Inquirer directly to your hand. We invite our readers, discerning and appreciative of the truth, to get the right information from this compact app.

This new era of app usage brings you colorful sections to have a feel of the stories you are reading. If you prefer it in dark mode, you have it there as well. The organized menu system from the top-left burger menu enables you to update your preferences and maintain the wide space at the bottom of your screen.

Limited time to read in the morning? Bookmark the stories that interest you from the story list and read them later, even offline, in your free time.

Not only these, new sections are added to tickle your fancy - Comics, Board Talk and Inquirer Rebound too!

Enjoy reading Balanced News, Fearless Views from our strong-punched writers in the Opinion Section, Showbiz and Business secrets in Rushes and BizBuzz respectively, and the rest of the relevant stories you need to know from the Inquirer Mobile.
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