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Inner Explorer

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Inner Explorer

Inner Explorer’s guided daily mindfulness practice reduces stress, helps strengthen self-regulation skills and improves academic performance of children of all ages. Teachers and parents simply log on and press ‘Play’. While the implementation is simple, the results are dramatic.

The model, based on the world-renowned Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol, is comprised of a 90-track program series, offered in both English and Spanish that employs an audio-guided approach to deliver content to students in Pre-K through 12th grade classrooms. Each day, students are guided through a 5 to 10-minute mindfulness practice. Teachers are encouraged to participate alongside their students.

Children are facing more stress and trauma than ever before, creating a critical point in education. As a result, kids struggle to succeed in school, setting them on a negative cycle in life. IE gives them the power to envision positive possibilities.


- Practice Mindfulness (30 Sample Tracks) along with Transition Tracks.
- Contribute to Inner Explorer’s initiative of supporting schools in need of mindfulness
- Choose between English (EN) & Spanish (ES) Language tracks (Spanish tracks are currently available for PreK-K & Elementary School only)
- Invite friends to bring mindfulness to their homes through Inner Explorer app
- Buy monthly and yearly (auto-renewal) subscriptions of all age-based tracks from their in-app purchases
- Training from Mindfulness Experts
- Share mindful images of classroom with Inner Explorer through Gallery feature
- Integration with Apple Health App
- Apple Watch Integration Feature
- Save your favourite practices for 'Offline Access'


- Students achieve higher grades and test scores that continue to rise with daily practice.
- Students have fewer disciplinary instances including suspensions, detentions and bullying.
- Teachers experience 43% less stress and more enjoyment in teaching.


“Our whole community really loves IE! We will give you more feedback as the year progresses. I include information in my weekly newsletter also and the parents are very excited about it. It is so easy for teachers to use and the students are very engaged in the audios and sessions.” - Lindsey Keener, Principal, SF Public Montessori

“I felt calm and relaxed. Inner Explorer helps me feel amazing, loving, calm, peaceful, powerful, honest, safe, and in control of my body. I like Inner Explorer!" - Third Grade Student, Sarasota, FL


The app can be downloaded free-of-cost from the app store and the new user will have free access to 30 tracks. The user can ‘Upgrade’ (access to all 90 tracks per playlist) by subscribing to any of these playlists:
1. PreK – Kindergarten
2. Elementary School
3. Middle School
4. High School

Each playlist has two subscription options:

$4.99 per month – Auto-renewal
$49.99 per year – Auto-renewal

Premium Plans - Get access to all 4 playlists:
$9.99 per month - Auto Renewal
$99.99 per year - Auto Renewal

These subscription prices are for users from the United States. Users from other countries may have different pricing based on Apple’s conversion rates of their particular currencies.

Monthly and Yearly subscriptions of Inner Explorer will automatically renew 24 hours prior to the end of the chosen period and the credit card will be charged with the subscription amount through the user’s iTunes account at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

The user can turn-off the auto-renewal of monthly or yearly subscription at any time from their iTunes account settings but the refund will not be provided for any unused portion of the current paid period.

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