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Inner Explorer CLASSROOM

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Inner Explorer CLASSROOM

Inner Explorer’s guided daily mindfulness practice reduces stress, helps strengthen self-regulation skills and improves academic performance for children of all ages. With the Inner Explorer app, mindfulness can be incorporated into any part of the day.

The Inner Explorer Program

The practices are audio-guided by narrators with diverse ethnic backgrounds and are stage appropriate for four different age groups, from Pre-K through 12th grade. The Pre-K and Elementary programs are also available in Spanish, and have been designated as an “SEL-Related Approach” with CASEL approval.

The model, based on the world-renowned Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol, is comprised of a 180 practice program series, that employs an audio guided approach to deliver mindfulness content to students and their families. Each day, students are guided through a 5 to 10-minute mindfulness practice. Teachers and parents are encouraged to participate alongside their students.

Why Mindfulness?

Inner Explorer’s mindfulness program helps teachers, students, and their families develop skills to reduce stress and lead healthier, happier lives. A daily practice:
- Reduces perceived stress by 43%
- Enhances student readiness to learn
- Lowers behavioural issues by up to 60%
- Increases efficacy with better impulse control
… and these are just some of the benefits!

Download the Inner Explorer app and get started today. In a few short weeks you will notice the changes. It’s that easy.

App Features

Four age-appropriate programs to choose from: Pre-K-1st Grade, Elementary, Middle and High School
Ninety audio practices per program, 5 minutes in length for Pre-K-1st Grade, 10 minutes for Elementary, Middle and High School (including 2 minutes of journaling)
Shorter Transition and Sound audio practice options
Spanish practices available for Pre-K - Elementary programs (Middle School coming soon)


“Our whole community really loves IE! I include information in my weekly newsletter also and the parents are very excited about it. It is so easy for teachers to use and the students are very engaged in the audios and sessions.” Lindsey Keener, Principal, SF Public Montessori

Subscription Options

The app can be downloaded free-of-cost and new users will have 21 tracks out of 180 to practice mindfulness as a part of Initial Experience. The user can listen to any of these playlists:
1. Pre-K through 1st Grade
2. Elementary School
3. Middle School
4. High School

To get full access to the program, Please ask your school to subscribe to Inner Explorer at

This App is only a subsidiary of the full program.

Inner Explorer, Inc.