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Inigma is the new digital security division of security specialist Squire, dedicated to creating electronic locking solutions with the highest integrity, security and toughness.

Inigma allows you to create a personal network of locking and other security products, secured and managed through a single system. Inigma is scalable from the smallest home installation to the largest enterprise deployments.

Download the mobile app, register for your free Inigma account and then add each of your new Inigma capable devices, such as the latest BL1 Bluetooth bike lock.

Use the app to monitor and manage your locking devices. You can review all lock activity, share and un-share locks with friends or colleagues and configure the settings for your devices, all through the same app.

The app also acts as your key, allowing you to unlock your devices. No more forgotten combinations, lost keys, defaced or damaged keyways.

All of this is achieved using the highest levels of encryption, ensuring that only you and those with whom you've shared your devices, have access.

- Register and sign into your free Inigma account
- Activate new locks to add them to your account
- Manage your locks
- Check locking activity - see successful and unsuccessful unlocking attempts
- Receive lock status and notifications - including battery low warnings
- Share your locks with friends, family or colleagues
- Control access with a flexible scheduling system
- Remove access to locks whenever you want - you’re always in control
- Maintain your locks - apply firmware updates and change settings
- Your smartphone is your key - no more physical keys to lose or combinations to forget
- Use your Apple Watch - your watch can also act as your key to unlock a device, even if you are only a sharer of that device
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