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Inhale is a simple yet stunningly beautiful meditation timer that helps you track your sessions and concentrate on your practice.


• Perfect for unguided mindfulness, zen, vipassana meditation.

• A FREE and easy-to-use tool that will become your ideal companion in building a lasting, life-changing habit.

• Choose one of our beautifully crafted meditation rings to help you get into a flow state each time you practice.

• Customize the duration of your practice by setting the time for warm-up, meditation, and cool-down.

• Retrace your progress with detailed statistics about your time spent meditating as well as your emotional states.

• Inhale is easy on the eyes both in light and dark mode.

• Use our Apple Watch counterpart app for an enhanced meditation experience, which is complete with animations, weekly progress tracking, and heart rate data during your session.

• Add notes to each day if you would like to describe your state of mind and feelings after a session.

• Use Inhale for Mindfulness, Body Scan, Breath Awareness, Zen, Enso, Loving-Kindness, or Transcendental Meditation.

• Inhale supports Apple HealthKit for tracking "mindful minutes" and your heart rate during your meditation with the Health app.

• We don't offer guided meditations.

Meditation is a simple, scientifically proven way to reduce stress, increase focus and clarity of the mind and promote well-being, that is available for everyone.

In simple terms, meditation is a way to train your mind. It isn't about letting your thoughts wander, but it isn't about completely emptying your mind either.

Meditation is a tool that allows us to step out of distracted thought and helps us arrive at the present moment in a balanced and clear way.

Even just a few minutes per day can make a huge difference.
Lajos Deme